Everything That You Could Want To Know About Electric Razors

Everything That You Could Want To Know About Electric Razors

The joys of shaving are discovered by every man the moment they enter puberty. Regardless of how your first shave went, it is a skill that you will have to master if you want to live a life free of shaving cuts and scraggly beards. Some would consider shaving to be an art form, while others see it as an inconvenient necessity.

Regardless of your views on the subject, you will eventually need to shave at least once in your life, and you should choose the best way to do so. When deciding how you would like to shave, you have a few options which are available. A simple knife is too dull to give you a close enough shave, so razors are the most common option.

The type of razor that you choose has a massive effect on how you will shave, however, and it helps to select your preferred method early on so you can grow accustomed to it. When you have more experience using a particular shaving method, you will be able to style your facial hair in a superior fashion.

Man Shaving Beard

Good-looking facial hair is always important, especially if you do a job where first impressions are important. Keeping yourself hygienic and proper does not only pertain to your skin and the hair on your head, as you will also have to make sure that you properly maintain your beard or moustache.

Of every available option, the electric razor has been one of the more controversial in the shaving world. Some men believe that you can get a much closer shave using a manual shaving method while others think that electric razors offer too many advantages regarding convenience to be overlooked.

The cost of electric razors has long been a prohibitive factor for those who would like to start using them, but this is gradually becoming less and less of an issue. Aside from prohibitive cost, others have complained about electric razors being too uncomfortable because they cause facial irritation and they tug on your facial hair.

While most of the complaints towards the electric razor originate from those who tried them when they were still being introduced to the consumer market, the stigma remains to this day. Many customers refuse to utilize electric shavers for reasons which are no longer applicable, and it is a shame.

Regardless, let us get right into our topic. We will start off by making sure that all of our readers are on the same page with a general overview of electric razors. Let’s look at what exactly turns a regular old razor into an electric razor.

What Is An Electric Razor?

Four Electrical Razors

The term electric razor once meant any razor which uses electricity in its operation, but that classification has since changed. Since electric razors were first introduced, they are no longer the only type of razor which is powered. Some safety razors make use of battery power in their operation while straight razors remain manual.

The term electric razor now encompasses any razor of a particular style. Electric razors are usually much more blocky than safety razors since they must contain a powerful enough electric motor. These razors always use electricity to rotate or rapidly move the blades, so they cut your hair automatically.

An electric razor can operate using either a battery or a wall outlet for its source of electricity, but most modern examples have phased out a power cord. We will look at the possible power sources in greater detail later on. Electric razors have several advantages over other razor types, but they have a few cons as well.

If you are thinking of investing in an electric razor for the first time, you might want to try out one which is owned by a friend or family member beforehand. Electric razors are not for everyone, and some people still prefer to shave manually due to more sensitive skin or any other combination of reasons.

Electric Razor Vs. Regular Razor

Electric Vs Regular Razors

We figured that we would get this out of the way sooner rather than later since our readers are always asking us about the ways that electric razors compare to regular razors. While it is mostly a matter of preference, there are a few concrete facts to account for when you are choosing the ideal shaving method.

If your skin is more sensitive, an electric razor may not be the best choice since they tend to be more irritating, but this is being remedied across the industry, particularly in high-quality models. There are not too many downsides to using an electric razor which is built to the right specifications.

As with most other products, the quality of your electric razor will have a considerable bearing on how well it stacks up with a regular razor. For this section, we will be comparing the features which are typically present on a mid-range electric razor to those which are available on a mid-range safety razor.

An electric razor has the advantage when it comes to speed, of course. Since the cutting action is automatic as opposed to manual, you have but to run the razor over your beard and watch as it disappears. Manual razors will often require a few passes to ensure that all of your facial hair is gone.

Another advantage to electric razors is that they tend to be far more versatile than other razor types. Some electric razor types are capable of accepting a variety of heads for different cutting tasks. For example, some electric razors are suited to shaving the hair on your head as well as your facial hair.

The electric razor also has the advantage when it comes to the thickness of the hair which can be cut. If you are looking to shave a thick beard which has been growing for months, you will want to opt for an electric razor since you will not have to cut your beard quite as much beforehand, if at all.

Electric razors are less reliable than other razor types, unfortunately. This because they have an electric motor that has to be operating correctly at all times. Since electric motors can sometimes be unreliable, they tend to fail much more often than other razor types without moving parts.

Do Electric Shavers Work Better Than Manual Shavers?

Man Using Electric Razor

When it comes down to the question of what is best, it is tough to decide on the ideal shaving option. It often comes down to personal preference, but we are going to take a look at which option is the most versatile. Greater versatility ensures that an electric razor will be ideal for a larger number of users.

While manual razors are reliable and they can be used in almost any conditions, electric razors are the best option for your bathroom. If you expect to have a constant supply of electricity, you will get much more use out of an electric razor since you can simply do so much more with it.

If you were only allowed to have one of the two, an electric razor would be the best choice since it can also trim the hair on your head, as long as you keep it cropped short, of course. This added versatility means that you get more for your money when you opt for an electric shaver.

On the other hand, manual razors can work for you in almost any situation, though they will not be very comfortable unless you have shaving cream. Electric shavers can be used whether or not you have water or shaving cream, so they are preferable if you will have more abundant access to electricity than water.

Unfortunately, the issue of reliability will always pop up with electric shavers, so we cannot say that they will always be working better than manual razors. When they do work, electric razors are the superior choice, but they will be less likely to work over a longer time span than manual razors.

As time goes by, there is also the issue of blades getting duller. On manual razors, you will either have to dispose of the whole product, or you will have to replace the blades. Electric razors do not usually need to be sharpened since the cutting blades sharpen themselves while they are in operation.

In the end, we have to recommend electric razors since they are so much more convenient than manual models. If you don’t want to put a good deal of effort into every shave, an electric razor is the right choice for you. While detailing may be slightly harder with an electric razor, the other pros outweigh the cons.

Types Of Electric Razors

Rotary Razor

Holding Rotary Shaver

Electric razors which operate using the rotary concept feature three circular blades which are covered by perforations. These blades rotate at high speeds to cut any hairs which pass through those perforations. They are meant to be used in a circular fashion so you can get the cleanest shave.

Rotary razors tend to be much more maneuverable than foil-type shavers since the head can usually pivot 360 degrees. You can get to most spots which are difficult to reach when you are using a rotary razor including those under the chin and near the ears.

Keep in mind that rotary shavers tend to be a little more tough on your skin. If you have sensitive skin and you get irritated easily while shaving, you should not opt for a rotary model. For the very same reason that a rotary razor is not ideal for sensitive skin, it is the best choice for coarser hair.

An electric razor which operates using the rotary principle will usually be ideal for longer beards than foil models, but we would recommend trimming your beard beforehand. While the shaving technique might take some getting used to with rotary razors, it is not a hard skill to master.

All in all, you should opt for a rotary razor if your skin is just as tough as your beard. While you may not get as close of a shave out of a rotary razor, it is an excellent option if you are trying to get through a larger amount of beard hair in a shorter span of time.

Foil-Type Razors

Foil-Type Razor

Foil razors are similar in concept to rotary razors but different in execution. In these razors, the blades do not rotate. Instead, the blades move back and forth at very high speed, which results in a clipping motion. These blades are covered by a fine grille through which your hairs will poke when the razor is brought up to your face.

The use of a perforated grille is where the similarities end between these two models. Since the blades are not as self-contained as they are in a rotary model, it is usually more difficult to find a foil razor which is as maneuverable. If you have very defined facial features, you will prefer a rotary razor.

Foil models have the advantage of cutting far closer to the skin than rotary models and being able to do it safely. While it may be harder to reach some areas, they will be shaved almost as smoothly as they would be if you were using a manual razor. In spite of this closeness, foil models are no more dangerous than the rotary type.

Unfortunately, since the cut is so close for these models, they are better suited to cutting finer facial hair. If your beard is somewhat coarse, you will have more difficulty with this type of electric razor. Foil razors are also not ideally suited for those who have long beards, as they may necessitate a few more passes.

The technique for using foil razors is also easier to learn than the one which is used with rotary models. Instead of shaving in a circular motion, you only have to run the razor down your face in a straight line. Since you put less effort into ensuring that your shave goes smoothly, these models are ideal for early in the morning.

To conclude, foil razors are the best option for users who shave every day, before their facial hair has a chance to get long and coarse enough to cause problems. We would recommend trying out both types of razors and finding out which one works best for your particular set of needs.

Power Source


Wired Electric Trimmer

Wired electric razors have long been the more common variety, but they are largely being superseded by models which make use of battery power. A model with a cord has the advantage of not needing to be recharged to be used, all you have to do is plug it into the outlet.

Unfortunately, wired electric razors are a little more dangerous than battery-powered models since power outlets and water do not usually mix. You will typically want to shave dry when you are using an electric razor which is powered by a plug.


Battery Shaver On Charging

Electric razors which operate using batteries are ideal for those who prefer shaving wet. Since the batteries are often enclosed in a watertight compartment, you won’t have to worry about your razor shorting. There is also the matter of convenience since the electric shaver will be lacking a cord.

You will have much more freedom to maneuver your electric razor if it does not come equipped with a cord since you will no longer have to account for the wire while you shave. While cordless models will have to be recharged, they often have a sufficient max charge for several shaving sessions.

How To Shave Your Beard With An Electric Razor

  • You have the choice of shaving your beard dry, wet, or wet with shaving cream or gel. Choose a method and apply water and lather to your beard (if applicable)
  • Plug your razor into a power outlet or detach it from its charging stand, depending on the power source
  • Turn your razor on and set it to your preferred power setting depending on how thick your beard is
  • Lightly press the razor up against one side of your face, and either carefully rotate it over your beard (rotary model) or shave the hair off in straight lines (foil model)
  • If your razor is waterproof, rinse the hair off of it, otherwise just brush it off
  • Bring it back up to your face and continue lightly pressing it against your beard. If the razor is not cutting correctly, try augmenting your pressure
  • Repeat the last two steps until your face is clear of facial hair, then proceed to rinse off your razor before placing it back on the charging/cleaning stand

How Often To Shave Your Beard

One of the more common questions that we receive from our readers is how often they should shave their beards. This is mostly personal question since different people have varying speeds at which their hair grows. However, there are a few recommendations that we can make based on razor type.

If you plan on shaving your beard every day, a foil electric razor is the best option since it is suited for shorter facial hair. If you plan on shaving intermittently, you will want to opt for a rotary model since it will be better suited for longer, thicker beard hair. How often you shave is entirely up to you.

3 Popular Beard Styles For Electric Razor Users

The Chin Strap

Man Checking His Beard

The chin strap is a beard type that is difficult to accomplish with a manual razor since you will need to maintain a straight line across your jaw. It will take some practice acquiring a steady enough hand to achieve this style, but it is an excellent choice for a spring or summer beard.


Showing Goatee

Always popular, the goatee becomes much easier when you are using an electric razor, particularly a foil model since you can just trace it out with the shaver. You will need a detailing tool to ensure that the edges of your goatee are properly trimmed, but these are included on most razors.

Pencil Beard

Man Showing Pencil Line Beard

This beard is referred to as the pencil beard because it looks as if it is traced by a pencil. If you want to ensure that your beard is as thin and even as possible, there are few razors which will work as well as an electric one. Simply follow the contour of your jaw with the razor until your beard is thin enough.



Philips Logo

Philips is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics in the world, and their electric razors are high-quality products that can be found for an equally elevated price. A Philips electric razor will be more likely to last for a long time than a model from any other manufacturer, but you have to be willing to pay for it.


Black Logo

Braun is a German company that is one of the more renowned makers of electric razors. Braun has a few series of electric razors tailored for certain price ranges. Regardless of whether you are looking for a quality electric razor or you would like something a little more affordable, Braun’s product lineup has you covered.

Maintenance And Cleaning

After every shaving session, you will want to clean up your electric shaver. Some models come with a charging stand that will automatically clean your razor while other models will need you to clean them yourself. Keeping a clean razor is a great way to ensure that you can get the smoothest possible shave.

How To Sharpen An Electric Razor

You may be wondering how to sharpen an electric razor, but this is not an issue in the present day. Most modern electric razors sharpen themselves because the blades touch as they work.


Man Showing Beard

Now that we have gone over everything there is to know about electric razors; you can move on to our buying guide, in which we will go over five of the best models on the market. We hope that this article was enjoyable to read, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section.

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